Beth E. Koch, Ph.D.


“It’s projected that 40 million people worldwide
will lose their jobs because of automation, robotics, and big data—
advancing technology will make their careers obsolete.”

Today, already, many people—maybe even you—are trying to figure out how to start a business, how to stay in business, and how to thrive in business, on their own. Yet, when it comes to making important decisions about the identity, brands, and positioning, design of packaging and promotions, or developing marketing and management strategies for their companies, business leaders are often afraid to make the wrong decisions—yet with the right tools and guidance, those creative choices would be so easy!

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. For years I have been a consultant to companies large and small. Clients value my contribution as a creative thinker, able to design unique identity communications, interpret market intelligence, engineer consumer packaging and exhibits to pop off the shelf, they hire me to construct new information architectures for websites, investigate visual design competition, write competitive research reports, and apply systems thinking to improve productivity. And that’s just scratching the surface. I call myself a “Creative Catalyst” and I work to help people institute and structure positive change using an Applied System of Design Thinking™ that I developed specifically for companies from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

All my expertise in design and emotion and my experience as a consultant is poured into this unique system for you. When we are done collaborating and I leave your office, the ASDT™ keeps on working—it helps to validate your independent creative decisions—decisions that, to you, once seemed arbitrary. Before I go though, let me share the ways I can help!

I am here to help you succeed, and I’m looking forward to partnering with you, whether we’re vaulting through the big overarching matters of your business identity, or muddling through the nitty gritty details trapped in a shoebox of receipts. Here are some of the things that I can help with:

  • Applied Design Thinking Systems™ for New & Growing Businesses
  • Organization & Planning
  • Identity & Branding
  • Visual Market Research
  • Strategic Marketing & Target Advertising
  • Packaging & Product Development
  • Consumer & Trade Promotion
  • Web Presence & Social Promotion
  • Financial Systems & Record Keeping

Perhaps you want to develop the vision, voice, and promotions of your company to reflect your own strong values, beliefs, and purpose. Or perhaps you need new ways to attract and resonate with target and key customers. Imagine your business thriving! Your decisions will all be easy, because your business will reflect your customers. Your business will run smoothly. Your records will be organized and useful—all your business decisions will be guided by knowing your own hard numbers. Can a “system” do all that? Yes! When we become partners, it will happen!

“My primary aim is for you to develop an even greater trust and confidence in all your business, creative, marketing, and management decisions.” 

You see, soon it will be easy for you to judge the outcome of our sessions, to make your own design choices, and implement solutions using the Applied System of Design Thinking™ that you’ve already instituted for your company. Your growth is my success! The results you seek are the goals we will pursue.


Download information to learn how we can start working together
or, call me now
 at (304) 669-6467 and I’ll pick up the phone—
I’m looking forward to learning all about you!

—Beth E. Koch, MFA PhD



Dr. Beth E. Koch holds a Ph.D. in Design and an MFA in Design with an emphasis in Interactive Design (honors) from the University of Minnesota. She earned a BFA in Visual Communications from Herron School of Art at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis. She has published her academic research about typography, design and emotion in journals, taught at colleges internationally and stateside, spoken at professional conferences, and her design works have been exhibited in galleries across the US.